Sixth Circuit Acknowledges the Broad Scope Of 28 USC § 1782, Authorizing Discovery For Use In Foreign Private Commercial Arbitration

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Sixth Circuit Acknowledges the Broad Scope of 28 USC § 1782, Authorizing  Discovery for Use in Foreign Private Commercial Arbitration The Sixth Circuit, in a matter of first impression, allowed discovery of evidence (i.e., documents and deposition testimony) for use in foreign private commercial arbitration, establishing a helpful precedent for … Read More

The Rise of Alternative Investment Models in International Business Fraud Cases and Important Considerations for Such Arrangements

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In recent years, I have witnessed the rise of new business models for pursuing litigations and arbitrations in business fraud cases. Unlike the traditional hourly rate model, where large law firms typically take a large initial retainer to bill against at an hourly rate, the new arrangements typically involve teams … Read More