Delays in the U.S. Court System: a Simple Reality

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by George Benaur New York, New York, September 18, 2018 — Many foreign individuals and companies coming to the United States that I have worked with do not know what to expect from the U.S. court system and sometimes, they expect it to operate as a pinnacle of justice. Unfortunately, … Read More

Benaur Law TV Commentary re Manafort Trial

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August 14, 2018, New York — George provides commentary regarding the Manafort defense team’s decision not to present a defense and rest after the prosecution’s case. Closing arguments expected today and then the case will go to the jury.

George Benaur Interview on Russia Sanctions

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  New York, August 2018 – George Benaur gave a television interview on the NTV America “Persona Grata” show to discuss the developing Russia sanctions regime. Over the course of the past year, George has presented at the Moscow Stock Exchange, in print media and on television, on the legal … Read More

All Criminal Charges Dismissed Against Firm Client Shalva Chigirinskiy

George BenaurBusinessLeave a Comment   «Ложное обвинение нанесло его имени и репутации жестокий и подлый удар» Суд закрыл уголовное дело против Шалвы Чигиринского 04.02.2017, 18:35 Суд штата Коннектикут в пятницу закрыл дело по обвинению российского бизнесмена Шалвы Чигиринского в «незаконном сексуальном контакте с лицом, не достигшим 16-летнего возраста» и «риске причинения телесных повреждений … Read More

Due Diligence Before Signing New Vendor Contracts to Reduce Risk

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While large corporations may have the resources to conduct thorough due diligence before committing to a new contractual relationship with a new vendor, many small businesses do not necessarily have those resources. Many business disputes, however, especially those involving small-to-medium sized businesses (but also at times involving large companies), originate … Read More

Importance of a Strong Complaint in Civil Litigation

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by George Benaur Clients sometimes ask why a certain amount of time is spent on drafting and researching this document or that document. There is so much talk out there about how the practice of law (often by those who don’t really practice) is in many ways based on “forms,” so … Read More