Importance of a Strong Complaint in Civil Litigation

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by George Benaur Clients sometimes ask why a certain amount of time is spent on drafting and researching this document or that document. There is so much talk out there about how the practice of law (often by those who don’t really practice) is in many ways based on “forms,” so … Read More

Importation and New Compliance Requirements

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  Importation and New Compliance Requirements By George Benaur Businesses engaged in the importation of products need to be aware of new regulations and compliance requirements in this area. This issue affects many businesses in the U.S., both large and small. In New Jersey, for example, the total dollar value of … Read More

Handshake Deals and Written Contracts

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  By George Benaur Business people often rely on handshake deals without a written contract. Even large multi-million dollar transactions are often based on trust and promises, rather than a written document. Some business people think lawyers only complicate matters when they get involved to paper the deal that was … Read More

Business Litigation Process and Strategy Practice Points

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This blog entry offers some practical observations and practice points about strategies in business litigations. Many of the issues discussed here have come up and continue to come up in business disputes. Although each case is different, there is one overarching theme – coordination between counsel and clients to optimize … Read More