Charges dropped against Greenwich man in contentious divorce

George Benaur, Benaur Law LLC

Published 4:36 pm, Monday, February 6, 2017

GREENWICH — Charges have been dropped against a Greenwich businessman who had been accused of risk of injury to a minor.

The State’s Attorney withdrew felony charges against Shalva Chigirinsky in Superior Court in Stamford. Chigirinsky has been embroiled in a contentious divorce and lawsuit with his ex-wife.

George Benaur, his lawyer, said on Monday, “Mr. Chigirinskiy is thankful that justice prevailed and that the criminal authorities have now dismissed all the criminal charges against him.” Chigirinsky maintained his innocence from the outset, after he was booked by Greenwich police in March. There was an accusation of “illegal contact.”

The context of the criminal charges came about as a result of a rancorous fight over custody and property with his ex-wife, Tatiana Panchenkova, Benaur said.

“We believe the charges were false,” Benaur said. “A very contentious case, and we believe these allegations grew out of that. Thankfully, the criminal authorities saw the truth.”

Chigirinsky is still involved in a civil lawsuit with his ex-wife over claims that property and valuables were misappropriated. The couple, married in Russia, had four children together.

Their divorce in 2009 made headlines. Chigirinsky made a fortune in Russian oil and real estate.;


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