Benaur Law LLC provides the full spectrum of legal services to art, sports and entertainment clients, a group that includes professional fine artists, actors, directors, screenwriters, TV & film producers, radio and television personalities, photographers, fashion designers, musicians, novelists, journalists, playwrights and media publications.

Our practice covers music, film and TV, as well as digital media, sports, fashion, live events and other ventures.

We represent clients in entertainment industries on matters ranging from the negotiation of contracts to related business and personal advice, merchandising, licensing, branding and marketing deals.

The firm also handles every type of financing deals, covering every aspect of the entertainment business. We provide both transactional and litigation services.

We can help our creative and talent clients with:

  • Advertising, promotions and branded entertainment
  • Production, distribution and development
  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Financing
  • Digital content distribution and licensing
  • Talent agreements
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Keeping your entertainment company up to date with all federal, state and local formalities and filings

Benaur Law LLC provides expert representation in the litigation and arbitration of contractual and other disputes for clients in these unique and highly specialized industries.