Domestic and cross border disputes often require focused and thorough, yet discreet investigation. Our team and affiliates have the experience and resources necessary to handle investigations wherever they arise. We provide our clients with an accurate assessment of the facts coupled with the legal guidance necessary to respond appropriately to external criminal allegations or business and compliance needs. Throughout the process, we remain cognizant of applicable data privacy concerns. Our team is flexible and ready to tackle creative alternative strategies, catered to each client’s particularized needs. Our team and affiliates have amassed significant experience investigating and detangling complex asset protection schemes in the context of cross-border litigation, including piercing sophisticated offshore trusts, structures and schemes, negotiating and enforcing discovery across varying legal  regimes, and advising clients on approaching potential resulting liabilities. Our approach is aggressive, our methods are discreet and our reach is global. We maintain offices in London, UK and Moscow, Russian Federation, with affiliate offices in Asia and parts of Europe.

Our Partner

UNITEL Global Integrated Security Solutions provides highly confidential investigative and security services worldwide to multi-national corporations, law, accounting and insurance firms. Through an international network of experienced consultants with backgrounds in investigations, business, intelligence, law, accounting and security matters, UNITEL provides information which is timely, accurate, cost-effective and focused on the client's needs. UNITEL provides immediate solutions to a client's security needs anywhere in the world. Through a global alliance among the leading security providers in the Americas, UK, Europe, South Asia, and the Far East.

  • Due Diligence
  • Background Investigations
  • Internal Investigations
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trade Secrets

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C13 Associates Limited